A family affair
The evolution of elegance down the generations

Francesca Rea - 2021

Maglificio Innocenti began life in the 1930s as a workshop making made-to-measure knitwear.
The origins of excellence

During the fifties, this dressmaking business – a small atelier for a select few customers – was transformed with great entrepreneurial insight by the second generation into an artisanal enterprise, anticipating the shift that many other businesses in the Veneto region would soon begin to undergo.

The Sixties

In the sixties, following the success of the innovative elegance of the Dina collections, the company began to attract the attention of American clients, processing luxury yarns for the transatlantic market as well as producing fashion creations.

The Seventies

During the seventies, the arrival of the third generation in the company paved the way for industrial expansion, extending and enhancing the internal production cycle with highly innovative investments for the time, and beginning to distribute creations under the Innocenti label.


An ability to combine sophisticated handcrafting techniques with a quest for the latest technological innovations resulted in products of refined craftsmanship and distinctive quality. This in turn led to further growth for Maglificio Innocenti, winning the appreciation of some of the most prestigious fashion houses and labels in international haute couture.

Partner to fashion houses

This growing recognition, which brought with it the decision to work exclusively in partnership with fashion designers and houses, defined the distinctive approach to Italian knitwear that is still the hallmark of Innocenti today.