The innocenti code

Superior standards of quality guarantee the value of a partnership with Innocenti

Francesca Rea - 2021

The Innocenti Code

The Innocenti Code reflects our commitment to developing the projects and creativity of those who choose us as a partner. Our guarantee is a confidence pact with the client: we focus on maintaining the strictest standards of excellence throughout the process, which leads from the initial creative discussion to the creation of the finished garment.

Il Codice Innocenti, Francesca Rea

Francesca Rea - 2021

From interpreting sketches to manufacturing the garment, Maglificio Innocenti supports its partners in developing fashion designs through the management of the entire conceptual and productive cycle, which involves constant monitoring of efficiency and quality.

Your creative inspiration is the driving force behind our research, which leads us to the solution which will best express it.

We offer an archive of thousands of stitches, identifying those best suited to your design, and suggesting the best selection of yarns to create the desired result for the knit.

In the Heritage Future Lab, a dedicated space housing examples of haute couture made by the company over its history, you can see highly elaborate and complex configurations of technique and style for yourself, exploring new creative possibilities and directions for development.

Discover the heritage future lab

Based on the solutions shared during the Assessment stage, our expert programmers virtually design every detail of the knit’s weave using technologically advanced industrial software.

Creating sample fabrics is fundamental, as it serves to check that this first physical form of the garment conforms to the original design, and allows for any corrections or modifications that may be needed.

Expert craftsmanship is the vital counterpart to technology necessary for creating the finished garment. Every detail is treated with meticulous care, through the skill of highly qualified people: these include expert linking machine operators as well as professionals specialising in more complex techniques, such as those that require manual cutting from the construction of a paper pattern.

When we present the prototype, together we review the measurements for any adjustment and correction to be carried out before making the finished final samples, in order to perfect its style and fit.

Every element of added value in our production process is transferred during the making of our finished samples, which are comparable to the end result. At each stage they undergo multiple stringent quality control checks, in order to ensure the garments’ uniformity and excellence.

Through structured and flexible organisation, we act swiftly to meet the needs of our clients, guaranteeing the prompt fulfilment of required deadlines and standards.

Francesca Rea - 2021

Industrialisation of collection garments

The end result of the collection garment is enhanced through careful research and development, in order to perfectly fine-tune sizes and colours.


The weaving department is where your ideas take physical shape, through the expert programming of cutting-edge Stoll and Shima Seiki technologies. We thoroughly examine every fabric to make sure there are no defects before it goes to the handcrafting stage.


In-depth knowledge of the materials and yarns allows us to apply the most sophisticated techniques to enhance the different types of knit, bringing the desired aesthetic, tactile and functional features to the finished product. At the end of this stage, we check that every fabric conforms to the required standards.


The stitching process, carried out entirely by hand by our highly skilled staff, brings the best out of every detail of the stylistic creation, making each piece in the collection one of a kind.

Individual manual pressing

After a thorough final check for any imperfections, each garment is ironed by hand, folded and packed in the ideal conditions to keep its shape intact during transport and distribution.

Our golden rule: checking the quality of the garment at every step

Composition en gris, violet et rouge - Abdoulaye Konate’

Composition en gris, violet et rouge - Abdoulaye Konate’

Art in textile form reveals the inherent charm that lies within the endless possibilities of creating.