Raw material

Luxury materials and yarns

Made to Last

The quality of the raw material is essential to producing a superior finished product, which embodies the research and continuous refinement of production techniques and processes, having been designed to last.

Quality is an ethical value

Besides its visible weave, the quality of a yarn is wholly reflected in the ethical system which forms the backdrop to its origins.

Geographical map - Lynn Carver

This work, inspired by the limitless horizons of the imagination, was creating by using surplus yarns and fabrics from our company's production.

We believe that quality can be recognised primarily from the approach, insight and awareness adopted in regards to the value chain, particularly in terms of a commitment to reduce, and eventually eliminate, factors with a negative ecological and human impact.

We choose to collaborate with suppliers and sub-suppliers who share our principles on acting sustainably, reducing the environmental impact of chemicals, respecting workers’ social rights and protecting animal welfare.