Vision, mission, values
Refined craftsmanship and technological innovation
Our vision

The future of fashion is an inevitable shift towards a more ethical and sustainable world.
Mindful of this, we are committed to investing in research and development, with the ultimate aim of achieving the highest standards of sustainability.

We wish to be drivers of change, establishing ourselves as reliable partners and creating value for our clients, in keeping with our family history and the values that have always inspired us.
Our mission La nostra mission

We support our clients in developing creativity, transforming their designs into fashion collections.
From studying the sketch to manufacturing the model, we place a high value on the experience and craft expertise we have developed in over ninety years of family history, combined with technological innovation.

The quality of the raw materials, attention to detail, versatile solutions to meet individual needs, and our manual expertise make Innocenti a leader in Made in Italy handcrafted knitwear.
Our values
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Innovation
  • Social ethics
  • Art and aesthetics

We see quality as an ethical principle, which we apply across the board to every aspect of our business, as the foundation of our corporate culture and a guiding value for our growth.

Quality is the value which underpins the care and process each of us applies with great passion to every step of production, and this is reflected in the manual expertise of our craftspeople.


We are aware that success is built through small steps, developing constantly evolving opportunities for growth, and achieving goals through the ability to anticipate with foresight and with the courage to face change.

The faith demonstrated by those who continue to place their trust in us is a key motivation, driving our constant desire to improve, as we work to strengthen and develop our business.


We consider innovation to be the only possible choice for doing business, in the knowledge that we are an integral part of the fashion world, creating the future and defining new possibilities.

Innovation means the freedom for designers to experiment with hitherto unexplored styles and languages, in a quest to break new ground in knitwear. For the tools of innovation we rely on partners with proven experience in textile manufacturing technology, such as Stoll and Shima Seiki, a byword for excellence.

Supply chain transparency

The choices and actions of today determine the growth of tomorrow, helping to define the future of the planet for us all. Coordinating all those involved in the supply chain around an approach based on shared values is essential to guaranteeing the effectiveness of sustainably minded projects.

The transparency of our supply chain validates our choice to work with suppliers who operate responsibly, who are committed to minimising the impact of chemicals on the environment, combatting child labour, respecting human rights and adopting best practices for animal welfare.

Social ethics

For us, the human factor is central to creating value and to the ethics of business development. We respect and value the differences of those who work with us, encouraging equal opportunities and professional growth, in order to create a fair, stimulating and inclusive working environment.

We support philanthropic initiatives and promote cultural, scientific and artistic projects, with the aim of offering a positive contribution to people’s wellbeing and to social development.

Art and aesthetics

Our history has always been closely intertwined with beauty in all its forms. Our origins in an area brimming with the everlasting charm of Renaissance art and history result in a feel for art, in all its many possible forms and meanings.

We believe that the broad expressive scope of art offers an endless source of inspiration for the individual, of development for society and of cultural enrichment.